Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ony The Eyes Know

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those perfectly shaped eye brows have a price. I did not have a clue until last week. Who would have known the torture involved in shaping those lovely brows. My friend went first and I watch in amazement as Liza our hairdresser dipped a popcicle stick into a pot of hot wax. With a tooth pick she carefully apply the wax shaping it around the brow. This is truely an art on her part. She cut strips of special paper and placed it over the wax patting it down. With a twist of her wrist the paper was quickly removed. Next it was my turn. The hot wax was relaxing. This part wasn't too bad. I waited in anticipation of my newly shaped brows. RIPPPPPPP!!!!.... off comes the paper along with the hair that once was part of the eye brow. Did I mention the skin that came off too? The words that flew out of my mouth were not meant to be heard by children. For two days above my eye lids were swollen and red. This the price I paid to have those beautiful eye brows.


Crystal said...

Wow Bevvie, the one looks great.m I had mine tattooed on week before last. Now, that really hurt.n Any how, yours look wonderful..

Jackie said...

That is one bee-u-ti-ful brow! I have been telling D. for a few weeks I wanted to have mine done professionally once!

Marcie said...

Ah, come on Bevvie .... it wasn't that bad. Sure glad I went first because I would have lost my nerve if Bevvie and her screams (quiet screams sorta)had preceded me. (GBG) You just never know what adventure will happen next. Are you going to tell of our experience with the law in AAlexandria???? Now how is that for a teaser.


Kriss said...

Hey Bev..

Yes, please tell the world about our brush with the long arm of the law in Alexandria. Nobody can tell it like you can! I'm sure everyone is dying to know!

The bad Liz said...

Since that was in November, I think that you should have to do this just before the cruise. I'm going to be checking out your eyebrows!

Me? Letting them grow in so that I can have them professionally groomed. But it won't be before the cruise - but before Bead and Button!