Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mobile Blogging

Oh my gosh mobile blogging!!!
Now is that scary or what?
I just got the new Cingular 2125.
Another gadet for the gadet girl.
Now I can blog all over the USA.
How fun is that?


The bad Liz said...

Mobile blogging!!! That's a new thing. How fast can you type on your phone???

No Easy Beads said...

Not 60 wpm but I can go pretty fast. My brothr taught me how to text with speed *grin*.

Anonymous said...

Teach your phone voice commands. I know you can talk 60 words per minute

Beadecked said...

Very kewl, Bevvie! That's something I've never done with my Treo 650. Could be dangerous!!!


Judith said...

That photo sure woke me up when I saw it! Days later and I'm still laughing - it's sooooo Bevvie!

No Easy Beads said...

It sure is a Bevvie look!! My sister has a picture of me with that same look on my face from 17 years ago.