Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oak Alley Plantation "Arts and Craft Show"

Sunday October 29th Art and I took a drive to Oak Alley Plantation. I love the drive on down River Road. The plantation faces the Mississippi river. Lining the walk way to the river are 28 two hundred year old oak trees.

The grounds were very crowded with people visiting the craft show and enjoying the beautiful grounds. There was one booth at the show that I was really impressed with.
They painted pictures using the soil from the river to create their paint colors.

My attention was captured by the orbs and narly roots of the oaks.

Can you imagine the tales these tree could tell if they could talk?
The history and the people they have seen.....


The bad Liz said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is one of the plantation homes that I visited with my parents in 1980-81. Dad had spent several months working for the Baton Rouge BASF plant after they were affected by a freeze (he was the expert to unfreeze the plant). BASF offered to transfer him south permanently

MMom and I went down to see how she would like it (she didn't which is why I am still in Michigan), and we drove between Baton Rouge and New Orleans - stared at lots of swamps on those bridges.

I remember Mom and I walking about 6 feet behind Dad because we knew that he would chase any snakes in the grass away from us.

We also had lunch at a place, either called Jean Lefite, or a place that the pirate went to when we was there.

I have often wondered who I would be if I had moved to the south if my family moved....would I be the same person? Would I be interested in the same crafts? Interesting thoughts.

Audrey said...

If I was ever going to hug a tree it would be a live oak. They make me feel like I belong where they are. In Beaufort NC the old burying ground has the most lovely old live oak. And one of the roads by the water is encompassed by them. Wish they grew in Wisconsin!

heather said...

wow what a beautiful place. I'd love to visit it someday!


Jaime said...

A friend of mine attended the craft fair and purchased a "Sir Saint" pendant and matching earrings. I am living in Texas now have been searching for them, but cannot find them anywhere. If anyone has a list of the vendors or knows where I can find this, please respond.