Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How's New Orleans Doing?

I get asked this question all the time. How are things going in New Orleans? Are things back to normal? My answer is no. Things are not back to normal. I am one of the lucky ones. All I have to worry about is whether the groceries I need will be on the shelve when I do my shopping. My heart hurts for all the people of New Orleans who are unable to come back home. I still mourn for a city that was the Great New Orleans. 19 months after Hurricane Katrina I went on what my friend calls the destruction tour in the lower Ninth Ward. As we drove down one street with homes still in need of repair I looked up to see a pair of Tennis shoes hanging from the power lines crossing the street. I was told this was a sign that drugs were available in this neighborhood. I wanted to take a picture but we dared not linger. It was not safe.

We passed by Fat Domino's house. There was a group of young people planting trees. They had a sign that said they were from Oregon. As we drove by we said "thanks for helping New Orleans". We headed towards the Lakefront but had to turn around. The smell of mold filled my lungs and took my breath away. My husband wanted to know why I went for a ride in a place that would bring me so much sadness. My answer. I don't want to forget. No one should forget. New Orleans needs help.

Wonder where the mail goes? This post office has been closed since the storm
The fire department in this area is run from a fema trailer and has defective equipment to use.
It was on the Nightly news a couple of months ago. If we move any faster to replace and repair homes and equipment the next hurricane season will be knocking at our door.


The bad Liz said...

Bev, as sad as some of those pictures are, when I look at them I see exactly the same in some of the neighborhoods in Detroit. Homes burned and falling down. There is a big difference - New Orleans was once a vibrant area and was ruined by a natural disaster. Detroit was ruined by the people that live here. And that just sucks big time!

Feel better and even though it's not the same NO that it used to be, try to accept what happened. And stay away from the mold. You know it's not good for you.

Love - me

The bad Liz said...

p.s. Shoes from a power line got me curious as I have some in my neighborhood. Snopes has this posted:

Again, just one of those comfort level things. If I didn't live in my neighborhood, maybe I wouldn't be comfortable. After all, my sister says that my 'hood is "shabby-looking"