Monday, December 12, 2005

The Bug Man

Marcie, Kriss and I had just finished eating a wonderful Italian dinner at a local restaurant in Alexandria LA. The weather had turned chilly and we enjoyed the warm cozy atmosphere. We finished our diner and were sampling a wonderful white chocolate bread pudding for dessert. While waiting for our check there was a commotion at the table behind us in the corner. A young man slammed his hands on the table and said in very loud voice " Would sum one Paleaze come and get this cockroach off the floor so I can eat my dinner!!! The waiter came rushing to the table along with the owner of the restaurant. We could hear the conversation as the owner was appalled by this young man's behavior. We heard the owner tell the young man that if he had a problem he should have contacted the wait staff and not disrupted everyone's diner with his comments. The owner asked the young man to leave and go wait in the parking lot. Next thing we hear is the young man on the phone calling 911 and telling the dispatcher that the owner of the restaurant told him to met him in the parking lot and he threatened to kill him when he told him there was a cockroach on the floor. Prior to the young man making the scene I heard the girl sitting next him to say "Your not really going to do that are you"? The young man replied "why yes I am." As we all know when the southern weather takes a turn and gets cold the bugs look for a warm place to stay. The exterminator had been there the day before. This little guy had sneaked in through the cracks undetected. We decided to wait for the police to see if they wanted to hear our account of the tale as it unfolded. The young man was definitly out of line with his accusation towards the owner of the restaurant. The owner thanked us for sticking around as a witness. We would we go back there and eat again? You bet. The eggplant Parmesan was excellent. If it goes to court we will be called as witnesses. That young man really bugged us.

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debb said...

that young man was totally out of line in making that call...what a waste of 911 service.
shame on him!!
Good for you to stay to provide additional facts about the whole situation.