Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Let's Play the Blame Game

Let's play the blame game is going on in Washington D.C. this week.
Blanco, Nagin Testify At Hurricane Katrina Congressional Hearings.
To me the facts are simple. New Orleans survived Hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans did not survive the day after when the levees broke.
I look around and I don't see where much has changed. People are still homeless.
Fema is sitting on thousands of trailers that should in use. It broke my heart on the evening news tonight when they showed a woman who was waiting for a Fema trailer as she made a bed in the back seat of her car outside of her flood damaged home. It is not just New Orleans that is still stuck in a time warp of destruction, it is the entire Gulf Coast. Restaurants are still serving from hurricane menus. Groceries store still have empty spots on the shelves. Businesses are still closed. Traffic is a nightmare with people commuting back and forth to and from work. (thank you for being here to help in our rebuilding)
The last thing that bugs me about all of the talk and planning of Mardi Gras 2006.
Heck ya let's have a party. "hey Mister toss me some beads". Show the world New Orleans still knows how to have a good time. NOT. Let's show the world we love our city. Bring them here when the city is better prepared. Oh I forgot while they are here they could take a tour of the devasted areas. The city is offering guided bus tours for $35.00 a person. $3.oo dollars goes to the rebuilding and rest goes to the city. What are they thinking?!!
The surprise for the day was the cable and internet bill that came in the mail. You are being billed for 3 months of service. Due on Christmas eve.
I am getting off my soap box for the night.
God help this city and those of us who are left here to live.

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