Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Puppy Tales

A Girl and Her Dog

This weekend I was told my puppy Cricket was my mid-life crisis baby. I suffer separation anxiety more than Cricket dones when we are apart. He travels with me when I go to Texas to visit Marcie. He has taken two vactions to Michigan.

Cricket has a girlfriend named Bailey.

Bailey is my sister Rosanne's girl. Now do those two make a pair or what? All dressed up in their Christmas scarfs. Looking like they are behaving. They sound like a herd of horses running through my Mom's house chasing each other around.

When Bailey has had enough she will scream at Cricket to leave her alone. Cricket is such a puppy he doesn't realize when he has pushed the envelope. I am so bad when I brought Cricket home I told my kids (who are grown up)I can't wait for you to met your new brother. He is one spoiled puppy and I love him to pieces.


Kriss said...

Hi Bevvie!

What sweet pics....... Glad to get to see the new baby and his Mom together. Now I can put a face to his name! He's precious..

The bad Liz said...

What a cutie!! I have met Bailey and hope to meet Criket soon